Why SeeMeCV

The SeemeCV Team is made up of (previously) frustrated candidates, recruiters and employers - people who felt there had to be a better way of finding a job or recruiting a new employee!

Originally developed and launched in 2006, the site has been redesigned, rebranded and reborn, and today it delivers a totally unique set of services.

The management team all have many years of experience in the field of recruitment having been recruiters, employers or managers of large teams and companies across the globe. Each of us has moved from company to company and job to job - so we have felt the pains on all sides - as candidates, employers and recruiters.

As candidates, we have experienced the frustration of dealing with agencies who don't really understand us and often don't have the time or interest to try. So the roles suggested do not match our experience or aspirations and are rarely a good fit for the candidate or the employer!! End result? ... attending interviews with employers who had expected someone different to arrive!! Sound familiar?

As employers and recruiters, we have spent huge amounts of time profiling and then interviewing candidates who did not match up in any way to their CV's, or the expectations we had formed of them!!

The current systems and processes are simply no longer efficient.
  • Candidates need to communicate their capabilities and ambitions more clearly to differentiate themselves
  • Employers & Recruiters need to understand the candidates as a person rather than a 2 dimensional CV, prior to arranging an interview,

... these things need to happen faster and cheaper than ever before.

Increasing levels of overseas recruitment have exacerbated the problem with the added complexities, of distance, time zones, culture and language. The traditional CV has had its best days!

So the team joined forces and devised a new solution leveraging the mainstream technologies available today and developed seemeCV .

A "Perfect Storm" of Opportunity?

There is now a "perfect storm" of opportunity - a convergence of technology.
  • Increased global access to the internet, web 2.0 functionality, consumer comfort in browsing and interacting with the web, and the proliferation of video recording devices, combined with...
  • an increasing demand to source the right talent quickly, efficiently and accurately from any where in the world.

SeeMeCV aims to building on the huge success of four rising stars in the online space;
  • Social networks
    • the connectivity of individuals into social groups based on location, interests, skills
    • the emergence of local and global career networks
  • Online Video
    • recording video via webcams, phones, cameras and contributing them online
    • watching videos over the web, whether user generated or professionally produced
  • Online Recruitment
    • the use of the web to advertise jobs
    • ... or seek candidates
  • E-learning
    • The desire to learn new skills on demand - how I like it, when I like it!
    • ... from language skills, to technical competence to distance learning degree courses

With a series of consumer and corporate products, SeeMeCV provides innovative video technology services which revolutionize the recruitment process.

It's simple - connect the right candidate with the right employer for the right role at the right time, with the least amount of time, effort and money for all parties!!

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