Virtual Exhibition

Virutal Exhibition (vEX) enables you to run a traditional job fair completely online to bring together job seekers and employers in a new and innovative way. As an online service the job fair can be available to more employers as this is more cost effective, easier to set up/manage and has no constraints over location and timezone. 

Key benefits include:
  • Cheaper for all parties than a traditional job fair
  • Quicker to set up
  • Can extend event to a greater number of smaller and overseas employers
  • Can run 24/7
  • Easy to set up and administer
  • Allows smaller and more specialist job fairs to be run
  • Fully integrated job application process with the added dimension of video

vEX has three individual components which are highly integrated and provide the following functionality: 

Employer/Educator Admin Services

  • Online invitation & registration process for employers & students 
  • Centralised administration and monitoring 
  • System messaging & alerts 
  • Standardised CV formats as defined by educator

Candidate/Student Services

  • Online registration and CV upload 
  • Personalised video service 
  • Employer & Job review function 
  • Integrated job application process 
  • Online feedback and system alerts

Employer Services

  • Online registration and profile management 
  • Profile includes: company details, contact information, video, job postings 
  • Job postings by role / department / location etc 
  • Option of personal video from hiring manager for each department 
  • Online video interview rooms
Online job fairs represent the future of efficient mass recruitment. With the addition of a video CV and live online video rooms where prospective candidates can speak directly with the employers, the personal element of the process can still be maintained.

vEX is typically priced on a project basis depending on the functions required.