Video Direct Mailer

Video Direct Mailer (vDM) provides a revolutionary new platform to enable companies of any size, in any industry, located anywhere in the world to leverage the power of video. Whether you offer B2B or B2C services, text and image based marketing campaigns are no longer generating the results they once did.

Online video sites such as YouTube, Metacafe and Google Video have raised consumer expectations of the online marketing experience. Online video can engage, entertain, educate and enthuse your customers. Direct video marketing puts your message in front of your target customers quickly and efficiently, and with in built analytics your real time results are highly measureable.

There are many uses for online video marketing, for example;

  • Education - explain industry trends or terminology to your client base via expert videos - informed customers buy smart and buy more!
  • Invitations - whether it is a seminar, social gathering or events, an enthusiastic and personalised invite from the speaker or host can increase your attendance rates
  • Marketing - direct marketing using video can enable product awareness, presentations, testamonials or even demonstrations
  • Updates - traditional newsletters are no longer engaging enough for many consumers, but a regular video update can ensure that your message is effectively communicated, whether your target audience is external or internal
  • Training - video messaging can ensure that the sales team, distributors or agents remain "on-message" with the latest corporate communications or product sales strategy, and with in built analytics you can be sure who has reviewed the content
  • Contact - when a consumer or client sign up for a service or accept an invitation, what better way to communicate your gratitude, then to send a personalised video message to them

Industry examples;

  • send out promotional videos of the latest facilities at your hotel to your contact list and invite them to register straight away for special offers
  • when a guest makes a reservation, send them a Thank You message with an integrated video tour of the hotel, and then give them the opportunity to book that Spa treatment in advance of arrival, upgrade their room or pre-order a bottle of wine

Consumer Products
  • create brand awareness and an immediate call to action, something which just isn't possible with traditional TV
  • need to educate your consumers? No problem send out a video demonstration of your product so they understand the benefits

  • get the new promotional video of your latest model into the hands of your client list and once they have watched this exciting video, invite them in for a test drive at the click of a button
  • get the new promotional video of your latest model into the hands of your client list and once they have watched this exciting video, invite them in for a test drive at the click of a button

  • you have a loyal fan base who love to see and hear the latest team news, a branded video service can keep you fans up to date and ready to buy the latest tickets or merchandise

All B2B and B2C companies can leverage the power of online video for direct marketing to entertain, engage and activate their client base.

vDM has been built to make this an easy process, from start to finish - it is part Service & part Solution. Just 3 simple steps: 
  1. You define the templates & branding you require and we develop the mailer and online pages for you in the system
  2. You create the campaign content (video, images, message, list etc) load this into the system and run your campaign(s)
  3. You review the system analytics to measure the responses across the campaign and target key individuals for follow up actions

The development work and system build normally take less than 1 week, so you can be up and running in no time!!

vDM provides;
  • A web based private domain where your templates and lists can be managed
  • A variety of fully branded email and online page formats
  • An integrated video upload/conversion application
  • Pre-defined campaign build process – title, images, video, copy, links etc
  • Preview function
  • Contact list management application
  • Inbuilt mailing function
  • Campaign Analytics

vDM can also provide a fully managed service to help you build, run and monitor your online campaign