my TAlents

my TAlents, enables a consulting company to use videoCVs as part of the pre-sales process. The solution is typically web-based* and provides greater control and consistency of the CV management and distribution process. 

The additional of short videos of the individual consultants can greatly improve the client's comfort with the team and in doing so expedite the sales process. The system is configurable and as part of the system set up the CV format will be modified to comply with your existing standards.

Key benefits of the solution include:
  • Improved company branding with the client
    • CV and video player branded with company logo
  • Consistent format CVs
  • Innovative approach to presenting the team members
  • Personalisation of the team & their capabilities
  • Increased targeting of sales message
  • Expedite the sales process

Key components of the system include:
  • Centralised & De-centralised control of CVs
  • Central console to create and review all vCVs
  • Consistent CV format with company branding
  • Online update so consultants can work remotely
  • Multiple vCV versions to enable several concurrent CV formats
  • Online video recording over the web
  • Sendable profiles as word docs, pdfs or links
  • Consultant videos embedded in CV profiles

Make the delivery of your consultants CVs an effective part of your sales process with SeeMeCV

*Can be hosted locally as well.
Solution can be modified to fit specific processes or formats and online video interview rooms can be incorporated.