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Leading universities, polytechnics, colleges and private training providers recognise that merely providing a good education is no longer enough. They need to support the students shift from education into employment to achieve their success KPIs. This falls to a careers team to market and connect students with chosen employers around the world and requires new systems to control the student CV production and distribution process.

SeeMeCV provide a revolutionary new approach for Educators to control the Student CV management and job hunting process via a web application. Whether you are a university, polytechnic, training college or vocational specialist training company, our solutions provide the following key benefits:

  • Web enabled application for online access 24/7 from any location
  • User roles for the careers team, students and employers
  • Educator defined CV format with branding
  • Job advert and student application integration
  • Option to embed video throughout the process
  • Fully hosted or locally deployed application
  • Fast to implement
  • Intuitive to use

The application can extend beyond traditional CV and job application processes to include features such as:
  • Blogs - by students or employers
  • Forums/Groups - established by students or employers to share common interests
  • Online video Chat/Interview rooms - ideal for interviews, group discussions or mentoring
  • E-learning - delivering webcasts, educational content or course material to specific students
  • many more

There are typically 3 user groups within the system:

Careers Team Services

  • Mass or single student registration process 
  • Central console for review of all CVs & videos 
  • CV format as defined by Careers Team 
  • Student search facility 
  • Multiple or single CV send process (word, pdf or link) 
  • CV review alerts 
  • Integrated online feedback 
  • Employer management function

Student Services

  • Online CV & videoCV creation to Educator standard format 
  • Multiple vCV options 
  • Simple CV send process (word, pdf or link) 
  • CV review alerts 
  • Integrated online feedback 
  • Blogs, forums, groups, etc 
  • Employer & Job search function

Employers Services

  • Employer profile set up with video 
  • Job Postings 
  • Student search & bookmark facility 
  • Student contact process 
  • Student CV Bank

SeeMeCV's solutions for Educators are modular and highly configurable, but "out-of-the-box" they provide a highly efficient and innovative approach to supporting the job hunting activities of students.