my CAndidates

my CAndidates enables you to accept candidates videoCVs directly into your website for your advertised jobs. Candidates can now not only upload their standard CV, but they can also;

- Provide specific personal information as requested by the business/HR team
- Record/upload a short accompanying video about themselves

This web based solution links seamlessly into your website and manages the CV and video upload activity in a process defined by you. You can define the flow and layout of the information required to support a detailed assessment of the candidates. The candidates CV & Video submitted into the system can be accessed via a central console and can then be shared amongst the decision makers with each adding their comments and assessment. The system provides a CV bank which allows you to search and retrieve CVs/Videos of previous candidates. 
The key benefits are:

  • Simple web integration which is seamless to the job seeker
  • Consistent employer branding throughout
  • Clear innovation to benefit your candidates & clients
  • Intuitive to use for all
  • Significant service innovation & differentiation
  • Central console to manage the candidate CVs & Videos
  • Can be used short term to manage campaign recruitment
  • Fully hosted* - No technical challenges

*Can be hosted locally as well.
Solution can be modified to fit specific processes or formats and online video interview rooms can be incorporated.