Web Development Services

SeeMeCV have developed many solutions for various client groups and business requirements, however our development expertise can be used to build bespoke environments for clients.

We recognise that many companies want to;
  • establish an new online presence
  • innovate their existing online presence
  • improve their online branding, market perception, process efficiency and online transactions.

We provide advisory and development services to help clients achieve these objectives.

  • Do you run a career or job portal but want to expand your solution into career networking, e-learning or video based services?
  • Are you a recruiter wanting to create a bespoke micro site to attract and retain specific talent groups?
  • Are you an employer wanting to establish social groups around your products or services to engage consumer feedback, product initiatives or tap into new talent pools?

If so, our consulting services can help you develop a strategy and platform to achieve your objectives.

Tell us your challenges and we will help you find & deliver the answer!