Our Logo

The SeeMeCV Logo consists of 4 key elements each carefully crafted into the design to give genuine meaning to our business objectives;

  • The button – the whole logo is designed to represent a round shaped “button” and this representation is inviting the viewer to “press-on” and to delve deeper for a better insight into the individual job seeker
  • The candidate – the candidate forms the centre of our logo and is central to our strategy. They are the focal point of all the applications and by embedding a play button in the person we are tempting the viewer to press the button to view the personal video and find out who the individual really is. In some screens (where animation is possible) the video play button can be seen beating like the heart of the candidate.
  • The confluence – the swish design in the background running from top left to bottom right represents the merge or flow, of two key elements;
    • Personal Attributes (from the left to centre) – this is all the input and constituent parts of the individual’s profile which go to make up their capabilities. Their education, work experience, technical capabilities, soft skills, ambitions, integrity and personality. All can be shown in a SeeMeCV profile.
    • Career Journey (from centre to the right) – this represents the output from the individual of their personal attributes in the shape of their career journey and success. This is made up of many elements including their future career roles and employers, their social and career networks, their ongoing education, multi disciplines and cross boarder experience. This continues to grow and expand as their career develops all supported by the SeemeCV platform whether actively seeking employment, or not.
  • The colours – SeeMeCV have developed solutions for various target markets and the logo colour represents each key market and solution set;
    • Orange – Candidates (Job Seekers, Fresh Graduates etc)
    •  Purple – Educators (Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges, Schools, Institutions etc)
    •  Blue – Employers (Any Industries, Sizes & Geographies)
    •  Red – Recruiters (Headhunters, Executive Search, Recruitment/Staffing Agencies, Job Portals etc)
    •  Green – Consultancies (Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Training etc)
    •  Turquoise - Video Marketing (A tool to empower your marketing with Video element)